hey bloggers & bloggettes :)

I hate my life right now seriously.
All it is, is stress, Stress, STRESS!

anyway to cheer myself up i visit.... FAIL.

i looooove fail!

its nice to know some people have less common sense than me!

this is my personal favorite :)
fail owned pwned pictures

Until the next post (or FAIL!)

xx rikki


Good Girls Go Bad :)

Hey Blog-o-sphere :)
yeah I named this post after the Cobra Starship & Leighton Meester song.
I seriously love that song. She has talent.
i even love Pretty Reckless (I really f*ckin love you!) and The Filthy Youth.
Damn that gossip girl cast are multi-talented. Now we just need Chace Crawford to release a song and then they will have dominated the world! haha.

Ive also gotten heaps addicted to Summer Heights High all over again.
Its one of the best aussie shows ever, Oh my god Jonah is the absolute best character Chris Lilley has concocted since Ricky Wong on WCBH :)
Ricky Wong Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway, School started last week :S
forgot how bad some bitches can be. i mean you know everyone has those days where they're a real monster but come on! and the language some are using! tiny twelve year olds using See You En Tee! im 17 and i dont even say that! These girls are calling themselves derogatry names, yet some of them don't even know the first name of the President!

any thoughts?

xx rikki


Hey :)

Hey there bloggers!
Ive considered getting a blog for sometime now and today i decided to take the plunge!
I go on about some pretty random things so it's nice to have my own little spot on the web where other people can see them!

At the moment Im just having a read of some interesting blogs and following them, and hoping to get some followers too so i dont look like a blogger-loner haha :)

Until the next post!
xx Rikki